A Program Created by an Antifragile Narcissist Survivor Just For You

Are You Ready To Leap Into Your Brilliance 
Using Your Narcissistic Abuse As The Springboard?

Your Past Is the Catalyst For Creating An Amazing Future

Are You Ready to Break Free?

From Your Thoughts and Your Fears... 

From Your Self-Doubt and Shame...

From Your Confusion...


Stop Attracting Narcissists... 

Rise Above Your Circumstances...

Become Who You Were Created to Be

You know that feeling you get when you feel like you’re stuck in quicksand? 

 You feel yourself slowly sinking, you see no way out, your struggle only makes things worse, and you’re not sure how much longer you can last?
So, people come to me feeling just like that when they realize a 
has sucked the life right out of them and 
robbed them of their sense of self, their peace, and their joy. 

 Worse yet, no one else sees it!
I know that feeling, because I've been there!
Let me introduce myself.

Dr Melissa Kalt, MD

I’m Dr Melissa, a Trauma Expert, Narcissistic Abuse Expert, Top Physician, Master Healer, and Soul Strategist, who helps brilliant people break free from the chains of narcissistic abuse to truly become antifragile.

Dr Melissa Kalt, MD

I’m Dr Melissa, a Trauma Expert, Narcissistic Abuse Expert, Top Physician, Master Healer, and Soul Strategist, who helps brilliant people break free from the chains of narcissistic abuse to truly become antifragile.
You see, everyone completes step 3 and thinks they're done. I did, too.

Heck, most therapists think you're done.

But you know all too well, it's still hard.
The confusion about the narcissist...
The judgment of yourself...
The trauma bond...
The re-creating this pattern over and over with new narcissists...

That doesn't stop until you work through steps 4 and 5 -- extracting your trauma and connecting deeply to yourself.

I've Created a Step 4 and 5 Program For YOU -- 
the Program I Wish I'd Had.

A one-year program of 
Rewriting your future,
Answers to your most pressing questions,
Access to the unique resources you need, saving you time and hassle,
Finally extracting your trauma, rather than just distracting from it.
and coming home to YOU.

I call it...
The Antifragile Accelerator

Because after all, that's what life is all about.  

Life is not meant to be lived as a victim, or merely as a survivor. 

It's meant to be celebrated - antifragilely.

Look, education about healing from narcissistic abuse is available anywhere... 
I give it to you clean and straight, rather than biased and angry.

The true value of this program is the healing and trauma extraction.

What the Heck Is Trauma Extraction?

It's Kind of Like...MAGIC

By cultivating my empathy to become my greatest super power, I can now...
Feel what is stuck.
Make it conscious for you.

That's the rocket fuel for the healing process

And I don't know anyone else who does it---yet.

What They're Saying About Trauma Extraction

The Antifragile Accelerator Program FAQ

Who is this program for?
This program is for anyone looking to truly break free from their pattern of narcissistic abuse AFTER leaving their relationship with a narcissist romantic partner, parent, or business partner.

It is NOT for those still living with a narcissist. Why? 
Because the advanced techniques are not effective while you are still living with your abuser.

What can I expect?
Your results are fully based on your effort and your commitment to healing.

You can expect to...
break your subconscious patterns that attract narcissists into your life,
extract your trauma and many of its related symptoms,
heal your feelings of unworthiness, not good enough, and invisibility,
be seen, heard, and validated.

I'm already working with a therapist. How will this help?
Therapy is awesome and amazing. 
I highly recommend it for anyone working through step 2 or 3 of the healing journey. 
Therapy reframes thinking and teaches skills and tools that are helpful.

Most therapists stop at step 3. Yet, that's where the healing truly begins. 
This program starts where therapy ends and brings huge rewards.
Many people choose to do both concurrently.

I am afraid of being visible. Can I participate anonymously?
Yes! Dr Melissa and Team Antifragile (including your advisor) will know who you are. 
The trauma extraction sessions by their nature are designed for anonymity.
The learning sessions and Q&A are possible to attend anonymously.
Participation in the Facebook group is optional.

I am completely drowning. How much time do I need to commit?
This is one of the best things about this program. It is tailored entirely to you.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all program, your advisor will guide you to resources that 
meet you right where you are every step of the way, 
so you don't waste time on things you don't need.

I strongly encourage you to participate in the healing sessions each week. 
You'll easily get that hour back in clarity, decreased stress, and improved productivity.

The Q&A sessions are recorded for your convenience.

I don't want to feel like I'm in school. What do I have to do?
No one does! I get it. 
The modules are self-paced. You'll never "fall behind." 
You are guided to resources that support your unique needs each step of the way.

What if I don't have experience with energy, healing, and meditation?
No one does -- at first. Everyone has to start somewhere.
Truly, it's impossible to get it wrong.

If you're open to the possibility, you're well on your way. 
I can help those who wish to be magical, not the muggles.

Do you offer financing?
Absolutely! I want this program to be available to anyone who needs it.
Pricing for the one-year program is $8000 paid now or
$800 per month x 12 months.

What if I need more time?
No problem!
You're welcome as long as the program benefits you.
Many people find they receive so many benefits, not just in their relationships, 
but in their health, wealth, and impact, they want to go even deeper.

You're Almost There....
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Here's What You'll Receive:
  •  Trauma EXTRACTION Sessions 
  • ​These are like GOLD -- your rocket fuel
  • ​Weekly Monday mornings 7:30 am Central
  •  Deep Healing Sessions with Q&A 
  • ​90-Minutes Twice Monthly
  • ​(1st and 3rd Wed 2-3:30 pm Central)
  •  Your Program Advisor and Guide 
  • ​Available by office hours and email
  • ​Curating the resources you need most
  •  The Journey to Antifragile Masterclass
  • ​Understand the Narcissist
  • ​Understand Yourself
  • ​Break Your Trauma Bond
  • ​Deprogram Your Codependency
  • ​Rewrite Your Subconscious Scripts
  • ​Achieve Indifference
  •  Membership Site with Curated Resources to...
  • ​Immediately Reduce Your Stress
  • ​Improve Your Sleep
  • ​Increase Your Energy
  • ​Expand Your Time
Here's What You Can Expect:
  •  Let go of Confusion and Find CLARITY
  •  Extract the Trauma that's Dragging You Down
  •  Rise Above Circumstances so You Move Forward
  •  Increase Your Vitality and Feel Whole Again
  •  Rewrite Your Future

These are not therapy sessions,

Because I am not a therapist.
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