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Inspiring A Million Souls To Change The World!

Melissa Kalt, MD

Dr Kalt is a physician, intuitive, healer, mentor, coach, facilitator, speaker,  writer, and mother of five. A woman of extraordinary vision, depth, and healing, Melissa brings forth into her life’s work an inner state of stillness, aliveness, and alignment. Melissa sees the greater truth in her clients and is passionate about catalyzing their unrealized potentials.
Work with Melissa
I'm Inspiring A Million Souls. That is my Why, my passion, my purpose. I empower others to find clarity by shining a spotlight on their unique gifts and opportunities to increase alignment. I help them get out of their own way! 

How can I help you?

I believe that every person has unique gifts and a calling 
to share them with the world. My calling is to 
help them get out of their own way and do just that, because 
wouldn’t it be flipping awesome if the whole world was living their Why?

My Purpose, My Why, Is…
Inspiring a Million Souls to Change the World

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What Are They Saying

Shawna Barnes

Before having clarity about my Why, I was overwhelmed by the myriad of opportunities before me and was easily distracted. I felt a sense of being in over my head.  After doing Align with Why work with Melissa, I'm more comfortable, more relaxed, and traveling lighter.  I easily determine what is mine to do and walk past everything else without second-guessing myself.  I no longer wonder what I missed, because I know I'm doing the right thing at the right time.

Nicola Hoffman

Life changed for me after discovering and trusting my “Why” through coaching sessions with Melissa!!! Prior to our coaching session, I could feel my “Why” but could not fully bring it into the light, I felt out of alignment, frustrated, a certain dullness ~ my life was good AND I could feel a higher potential I longed to be in coherence with. Once my “Why” was named life could now organize around living my “Why”. Living life fully opened up, people I met, opportunities came my way ~ it feels like what I longed to align with could now find me. If you truly want to have a breakthrough I highly recommend working with Melissa.
Align With Why One-On-One
Sometimes you just want someone to take the reins and provide clarity, so you can focus on what you do best. And you want it 10 years ago!  Dr Melissa sees and hears you, your unique gifts, and your Why in a way that inspires you to live it.  She is not just a consultant but a partner in your success

Package includes discovering your 
-How (core essences or your unique superpowers)
-What (high yield opportunities)
-Opportunities for increased alignment.  A detailed plan for how to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!
Align With Why Master Class
This master class is perfect for the entrepreneur who feels distracted and overwhelmed by possibilities and just needs clarity. You've got the ideas and the know how; you just need help connecting the dots. Once you align with your unique Why, you no longer have to guess and second-guess what to do next.  And it no longer feels like work!

You'll learn how to discover: 
-Your unique Why
-How you function best (your unique superpowers)
-What (powerful next steps)
-Where you are out of alignment and how to get out of your own way!
Often times we can feel stuck where we are. It's like we're in quicksand. We are too exhausted or too pressed for time to take the next step. All we really need is a new perspective to be able to continue to move forward. 

Time Warp: How to Expand Time Without Being Bound To It (Online Class)

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