Woman Doctor Reveals the Surprising Solution
Woman Doctor Reveals the Surprising Solution
"I knew there had to be a GREAT way to view medical/health information, so I could better see how it all fits together! Our bodies are one entity so why aren't they described as a whole? When I called the American Cancer Society for treatment ideas, all they would speak to is radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. They simply didn't speak to the whole of me! This book does! I now have a framework for understanding all-around health! Even better, I feel validated in looking to even how making simple life changes can have a profound impact on my well-being!" 
-Shawna Barnes
Finally, a doctor who gives us the whole truth and nothing but the truth! I really enjoyed reading Dr. Kalt's book Release the Symptoms, Free Yourself. After years of seeking diagnosis after diagnosis from allopathic medicine (with no solutions), I am relieved to hear there is an expert out there who understands the biology from an advanced perspective. We have so much to learn from our symptoms, and Dr. Kalt offers a wise and productive way of listening and interpreting our bodies signals. I sense we are already on the brink of new science for health and Dr. Kalt is ready to take us there. Thank you!” ~Ellie Ballentine
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  •  The crucial aspects of the Mind-Body-Spirit Matrix, and the root of suppressed emotions trapped in your cells and sabotaging all three. (But don’t worry. You have the power to turn this around!)
  •  The four keys to understanding and sustainably aligning your mind, body, and spirit so you can finally fulfill your destiny. (Yes, you have a destiny! It’s all waiting for you right now.)
  •  Why traditional medicine often misses the mark when it comes to seeing clearly, and how the “polarity” of different viewpoints can open doors to your healing. (HINT: Seeing things from a different perspective and thinking outside the box can make powerful shifts in your health!)
  •  Understanding your body’s natural energy fields, and how you can tap into them to shift your experience of vibrant health from frustrating to FREEING! (You simply must experience the power of this for yourself. You’ll be amazed!)
  •  Why your overall health is truly an “inside job” and how you can take charge of it yourself. (HINT: These simple but powerful holistic treatments and practices can be transformational if you’re willing to think beyond traditional Western medicine).
  •  Why connection to SELF is the real game changer for you, what it means, and how to achieve it. (HINT: This is the part where you discover your personal “golden ticket” to optimal health, mind, body, and spirit!)
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