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Release the Symptoms.  Free Yourself!

Your 58-page Guide to Unlocking Your Health & Wellness

• Do you feel stuck in life and weighed down, as if you’re merely surviving?
• Do you experience physical or emotional symptoms that keep you from living life to the fullest?
• Do you ever wonder if there is more to life?

When you release the symptoms, you free yourself to become your authentic Self and truly start living.

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ONE TIME OFFER: FREE YOURSELF FROM FATIGUE. A 21-page e-book for those who are tired of being tired, for those who feel weighed down and EXHAUSTED. A MUST for those who want to find the energy to live life again! Only $17.

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  • Understanding that the Problem is NOT YOU!
  • A New Approach to Your Health & Wellness
  • Actionable Insights & Strategies
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What Others Are Saying...
"My experience working with Melissa has been one of transformation and growth. She bridges western, allopathic medicine with creativity, intuition, and spirituality in a truly unique way. I was delighted to see her create that bridge in this book. Her easy-to-read description of complex material made the science understandable, while her integrative perspective opens the mind to what’s possible."  Nicola

"This book is a revelation to high achievers in our society. The writing is so easily understood. Giving this to my daughters."  Antonia

"Finally, a doctor who gives us the whole truth and nothing but the truth! I really enjoyed reading Dr. Kalt's book Release the Symptoms, Free Yourself. After years of seeking diagnosis after diagnosis from allopathic medicine (with no solutions), I am relieved to hear there is an expert out there who understands the biology from an advanced perspective. We have so much to learn from our symptoms, and Dr Kalt offers a wise and productive way of listening and interpreting our bodies signals. I sense we are already on the brink of new science for health and Dr Kalt is ready to take us there. Thank you!"  Ellie

"Melissa shares her vast knowledge and experience of healing with compassion and humor, deciphering the mind-body-spirit connection in creating trauma and disease and revealing how we can fully heal. This is an excellent book."  Dawn
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