The Answer is Why 

More than your passion, more than your purpose, 
your WHY is who you were created to be.

" I believe that every person has unique gifts and a calling to share them with the world. My calling is to help them get out of their own way and do just that, because wouldn’t it be flipping awesome if the whole world was living their Why? "

Melissa Kalt, MD
  • I am a triple-board-certified doctor, meaning I have 3 specialties.
  • ​I was voted to the Best Doctors list (top 3-5% of the nation's doctors) by my peers in 2009 and remained there until I left practice in 2018.
  • ​I'm certified in eastern and energetic medicine, as well as transformative coaching and I have a background in NLP.
  • ​I'm a medical intuitive in addition to being a doctor and have the ability to heal others energetically either in person or remotely.
  • ​I connect deeply to the Soul of each client and create wholeness.
  • ​I am direct and share the things you need to hear--the things your spouse, business partners, and others won't. This provides an opportunity for rapid transformation.  
My Purpose, My Why, Is…
Inspiring a Million Souls to Change the World
I'm Inspiring A Million Souls. 
That is my Why, my passion, my purpose. I empower others to find clarity by shining a spotlight on their unique gifts and opportunities to increase alignment. I help them get out of their own way!  

How can I help you,  Align With Why.
This process is perfect for YOU, a highly educated, highly successful Soul-driven visionary who feels frustrated and confused by possibilities while searching for ever-elusive fulfillment. You feel a greater calling and have an extraordinary skill set, yet you long for internal peace, security, joy, abundance, and Love.

And you need someone who can see and hold that big vision that scares the heck out of you.
Once you align with your unique Why, you no longer have to guess and second-guess what is and is not yours to do. And it no longer feels like work!

Sometimes you just want someone to take the reins and provide clarity, so you can focus on what you do best. 
And you want it 10 years ago! 

Dr Melissa sees and hears you, your unique gifts, and your Why in a way that inspires you to live it. 
She is not just a consultant but a partner in your success.
Process includes discovering...
  • Your unique Why
  • How you function best (core essences or your unique superpowers)
  • What (powerful next steps and high yield opportunities)
  • Opportunities for increased alignment. 
  • ​A detailed plan for how to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!
" Before having clarity about my Why, I was overwhelmed by the myriad of opportunities before me and was easily distracted. I felt a sense of being in over my head. After doing Align with Why work with Melissa, I'm more comfortable, more relaxed, and traveling lighter. I easily determine what is mine to do and walk past everything else without second-guessing myself. I no longer wonder what I missed, because I know I'm doing the right thing at the right time. "
" Life changed for me after discovering and trusting my “Why” through coaching sessions with Melissa!!! Prior to our coaching session, I could feel my “Why” but could not fully bring it into the light, I felt out of alignment, frustrated, a certain dullness ~ my life was good AND I could feel a higher potential I longed to be in coherence with. Once my “Why” was named life could now organize around living my “Why”. Living life fully opened up, people I met, opportunities came my way ~ it feels like what I longed to align with could now find me. If you truly want to have a breakthrough I highly recommend working with Melissa. "
A conversation with me is like sitting down with your doctor, alternative wellness practitioner, and coach at the same time and getting rapid results while feeling an increasing sense of peace. 
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